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5 Day – Asiana Professional Makeup and Hair Course With Photoshoot

3 Days Makeup + 1 Day Hair Styling, 5th day professional portfolio photo shoot

Professional Diploma Certificate ( Certified by The Guild of Beauty Therapists UK – Recognized Internationally )


Fees: £ 1795.00



The course is approved and accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists – the United Kingdom’s largest Professional Beauty Trading Body. Upon completion of the full 5-day course, you will receive the Asiana Diploma Certificate that is certified by The Guild of Beauty Therapists and therefore recognized internationally and also allows you to get liability insurance cover as a makeup artist in the United Kingdom as well as in other countries. Each day you will receive step by step guidance and demonstrations on how to create an individual look starting from the basics of a flawless base and colour correction to the intricacies of a traditional or modern bridal look. You will be required to demonstrate what you have learned practically and at the end of the course, you will receive a guild accredited certificate. For a start in your career in Asian makeup and hair styling, you will need the right tools and training. Asiana Bridal & Training Academy’s 5-day intensive course provides you with a high level of training and business advice. Unlike other places, at Asiana Bridal & Training Academy, you will receive your training personally from our lead makeup educator, Sukhi Sanghera. She will provide you with a training manual which will guide you for future reference along with the notes that you personally take during the course. You may bring along a digital camera for your benefit. Recording with a video camera are not allowed during the course. Practicing on a model. Unlike at other places, we do not practice make-up on each other at Asiana. Instead, we strictly recommend that you bring a face model. This can be a family member or a friend who comes along with you. If you are not in a position to bring a practice model, we can arrange one for you at a small additional charge. On the 5th day, we will provide a professional model for a photo shoot. See more information below.




5 Day Course - Day 1
Day 1: Day and Evening Glamorous Look.
Your first day will start with the importance of following Health and Safety rules. You will also be given an introduction to the tools and products that will be used during the course. At Asiana Bridal & Training Academy you will be introduced to make up from the very beginning of a subtle day look to a more glamorous evening look which will include the secrets to color correction, how to get that perfect base and flawless finish of a matte look. When you learn how to do makeup from the first day, you will be able to create celebrity style look likewise glamour’s, red carpet and catwalk.
5 Day Course - Day 2
Day 2: Media and all Occasions.
The media look will help you learn how to get that flawless base for your clients. You will receive step by step guidance on how to get that perfect dewy look, the most natural cream contour, highlight, and blush. This will give you the knowledge needed to create the most exotic Middle Eastern looks which can be used for a reception, contemporary bride, and walesma event.
5 Day Course - Day 3
Day 3: Traditional Bridal.
Our 3rd day is a more advanced bridal look where you learn the intricacies of a traditional Asian bridal look. You will be given advice and tips on how to create different Pakistani bridal and Indian bridal looks. You will be shown in stages how to get that traditional eye makeup look all Asian brides dream of. In addition, you will be shown the different ways to set a dupatta and bridal jewellery.
5 Day Course - Day 4
Day 4: Bridal Hairstyling.
Day 4th will be the day you learn how to create basic hairstyles to more advanced bridal hairstyles. You will be given a step by step demonstration of each look and then will be expected to practice and demonstrate that look. These hairstyles will cover many occasions including party, Mehndi, waleema and Bridal hairstyles. We teach you all hairstyles section by section so that you can make any hairstyle according to your knowledge with ease. You will be capable of making any hair styles after the day four.
Day 5: Photo-shoot Portfolio Day & Training
After completing the first four days of our Asiana 5-day Bridal Hair and Makeup course, you can participate in a one-day photo-shoot training. This one-day course will allow you to collect a set of professionally touched-up images of models displaying your work that you can show to your clients. On this photo-shoot day, you will also learn further techniques about lighting, photo-shoot styling, poses, direction and many other useful skills that you will be able to offer to your future clients. You will have the knowledge to direct a photo shoot yourself!. Asiana Bridal & Training Academy will provide all students with a model, including outfits, accessories, jewellery and makeup products. The Photo shoot will be done by a professional photographer and the images chosen for your portfolio will be air-brushed. All students will be provided with a copy of all images by Asiana Bridal & Training Academy on a USB stick. You will have the copyrights to all the images provided allowing you to use these images commercially in all your marketing material such as website, leaflets, business cards etc.

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  • After completing the 5-Day Course, you are going to be a fully accredited professional make-up artist. You are now ready for clients.
  • After completing the 5-day course you will have the full knowledge to create any hair and makeup look that is required for an occasion.
  • You will receive 8 weeks of aftercare. You will be able to call Sukhi directly and get advice and help to overcome road blocks. If you like, you can also accompany Sukhi as a shadow with real life clients.
  • After attending this course, you will be able to get a professional license which will entitle you to obtain discounts ranging from 25% to 40% from makeup product companies such as MAC, Illemasqua, Nars, Krylon, Bobbi Brown, Stage Makeup and much more. You will also begin to enjoy discounts from several trade suppliers for other products such as hair extensions, accessories etc. Please note that you will have to comply with the terms and conditions of each provider.
  • Business and marketing advisory will be provided to give you a great start for your own business. We will also provide you with the example of the terms and conditions document that you can consider to use with some minor amendments in your own business.
  • We will also give you discounted pricing on any of our services needed by you in the future. These include advanced one-to-one training, help with bigger projects, as well as mentoring.
  • All graduates of the 5-day course can participate in our one-day Photo-shoot Portfolio Day & Training course which is the fifth and final day of the course. You will have a complete portfolio of beautiful images of your work that you can use to gain clients.